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Taking Native American flute lessons via skype or facetime

Taking Native American flute lessons via skype or facetime

To be able to play freely without thinking hard and sound good doing it is the most requested goal by flute-playing students. It can be achieved an...
Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blue Eyes

People ask me ... Why this song?  Well, for many of you, you know this song as one from a band in the early 70's known as "The Who."  For me, not s...
Transitions: Flute Used in Recording

Transitions: Flute Used in Recording

I'm often asked what flutes I record certain songs with. To answer, I hope that you'll find this series of blogs helpful! In this blog, I'll cover ...

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His music creates a perfect environment for not only me, but my clients as well! Thank you, Jonny!

Barbara Kinder

No matter what your level of playing, if you are looking for an encouraging and experienced flute instruction ... for my money, Jonny is the one!"

Dr. Andrew Jackson

His teaching ability and patience with the various participants is amazing! Thank you, Johnny! Keep playing, teaching and writing!

Margaret Childs

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