My Response to COVID-19

In the wake of this global pandemic, I am pivoting and working diligently on offering solutions that bring us together while helping you create beautiful music. 

I will be hosting a series of livestream concerts and flute workshops for the foreseeable future. Learn how you can get involved!

Discover what inspires you

Sheet Music

Learn to play popular cover songs and Jonny Lipford original songs. Sheet music available in Nakai Tablature for many songs.

Flute Music

From soothing and relaxing to upbeat and contemporary, you will find beautiful Native American flute music to fit any occasion. 

Backing Tracks

Playing along with backing tracks for the Native American flute can be fun and rewarding! Backing tracks vary from contemporary to  traditional.

Native Flute Lessons

Lessons for those just starting out and want to learn how to play the Native American flute or seasoned players looking for inspiration.

New Online Course  •  NOw Available!

Whether you're just starting out with the Native American flute or you're lacking a foundation in your flute playing, this course was made just for you. I built this course with love and intention, providing a flute player a very clear path.

  • Finger dexterity exercises to improve your agility. 
  •  Breath work to show you how expressive you can really be. 
  •  Techniques to transform your style of playing. 
  •  Scales and extra notes to spice up your catalog of note choices. 
  •  Techniques to transform your style of playing.

I'm Jonny Lipford and this is what I do.

I'm a self-taught musician specializing in the sounds and music produced with Native American flutes

Since 2002, I've been playing this instrument and I'm excited to share with you how versatile the Native American flute can be

From cover songs, original songs, flute tutorials and more, I hope that you'll join me on this journey! 


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Beginning Your Journey Course
$ 129.00$ 89.00

Each week you'll find videos of cover songs, original songs, tips and flute reviews!

Upcoming Appearances

Performances, Workshops and other special appearances with Native American flutes & world flutes.


Since 2002, I have been sharing music with the Native American flute and today, I would LOVE to share three of my most requested original songs with you for FREE! These MP3s will be delivered right to your inbox and to ensure that they arrive, please keep an eye on your "promotions" or spam folders just in case!