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New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!
New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!

Achieving Embellishments On Your Native Flute [e-Course]

$ 59.00

Spice It Up!

Embellishments help spice things up and give us options in how we want to sound while playing and sharing music.  In this e-course for the Native American flute, I break down thirty embellishments ranging from the simplest to the most advanced––even the nuances in these techniques. 


Exceptional Tools 

The course is well organized with video and text lessons, as well as two quizzes where you'll hear a technique and try to answer it correctly! This is a clear and exceptional way to learn and implement all these techniques. 


In addition to the lessons in the course, I also provide you with an extensive (and updated) Key To Embellishments [downloadable/printable PDF] where you'll find acronyms and definitions to these techniques. 




You'll also receive my Periodic Table of Embellishments. A helpful guide to remind you of your options when you're in that creative mode!

Are you ready to unlock your flute playing!