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Join us in Iowa for the first Horizons SUMMIT!
Join us in Iowa for the first Horizons SUMMIT!

Licensing Information

Welcome, friend! 

If you're visiting this page, you're more than likely interested in using my music or backing tracks in your own work. There are different levels of licenses, clearly laid out in simple terms below. 

Thanks for all your love and support this year and beyond! 





  • You can use these tracks for personal and practice sessions.

  • You can play along with these backing tracks at flute circles, non-profit and assisted living facilities.

  • You can play with these tracks on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

  • You can use your SONG featuring my backing track in one commercial video on YouTube.

  • You MUST include a verbal/written credit clause (stated below).




Same as "BASIC" package plus the following

  • You can sell your SONG featuring one of my backing tracks commercially for profit. 

  • You can digitally distribute your SONG featuring my backing track to any monetized streaming service.

  • You can perform your SONG featuring my backing track for paid and free performances (live and virtual).




  • You will have exclusive rights to the track to do as you wish.

  • You may copyright this track as your own.

This agreement stands for any of the "Free Spirit" backing tracks. The JL Original Backing tracks (songs which I have commercially recorded) are only intended to be played for practice and personal use.

Credit Clause

Please include this clause as you are able: "Backing track/Ambient Pad/Nature Sound provided by and used with permission by Jonny Lipford."


Q:If I license a backing track, can I distribute it and resell it?

A: No, you must record yourself over (at least 50%) the backing track to create a NEW SONG. You can then distribute your NEW SONG in the way you see fit so long as it abides by the Terms and Conditions.

Q:Do I have to give you credit?

A: Yes, please include this clause as you are able: "Backing track/Ambient Pad/Nature Sound provided by and used with permission by Jonny Lipford."

Q: If I license a track, will other parties also be able to license the same track? 

A: Yes, the prices shown above are for non-exclusive licenses, meaning that another person may also use the same track in their work. At this time, I am not accepting any exclusive license deals, other than for filmography. 

Q:Do I have to put your name on the title cover of my CD? 

A: No, please do not do that, rather list me in the credits as stated above

Q:I'm ready to license a track. How do I pay and move forward?

A: Please use the form below and we will get the ball rolling! 

Q:Can I use your music in my photo slide show on YouTube?

A: No, that will require a synch license. Please contact me for this. 

These are not all of the conditions. You will be given a legal contract to sign upon entering into a licensing agreement for using any Jonny Lipford Backing Tracks in your projects.