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Join us in Iowa for the first Horizons SUMMIT!

Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Native American Flute Dryer [Reduce Wet-Out Time!]

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The Flute Dryer was invented to help the everyday flute player gain more playtime with their favorite Native American flutes and protect the investment they've made in flutes. Wetting out is an issue that we've all faced and, while some flute makers are addressing this issue in the construction of the flute, the majority of the flutes in our collections don't have these new methods built-in. That's where the Flute Dryer comes in. 

Depending on how a flute is made, once you wet it out, it may be done for the rest of the day. This Flute Dryer gives you back that playtime by drying your flute out in as little as 2 minutes! 




  • This device has a solid, wooden box-shaped base that houses a 1-amp fan that blows cool, dry air into your flute. This dramatically reduces the time in which it takes to "air out" your flute after you've saturated it.
  • The small size of the Flute Dryer makes it easy to transport to gigs, camping or flute circles! 
  • It plugs in via USB so you can use an adapter to plug it into the wall, or directly into your computer or power bank if you're on the go!
  • The holder at the top is adjustable to accommodate both small and large flutes so you can use this for the majority of your flute collection!
  • The Flute Dryer speeds up dry time which takes some of the headache and long wait times out of proper flute maintenance. Dry your flutes before you hang them back up! 
  • The biggest benefit is that it supports the overall health and longevity of your flutes when using this after each play (even if your flute hasn't reached full wet-out)! 


How does it work? 

  1. Remove the bird from your flute (or obstruct the airflow with a piece of leather, etc.) 
  2. Place the flute upside down on the Flute Dryer and rest the mouthpiece on the rubber opening. If you have a smaller flute, there is a rod below the opening to catch them. 
  3. Turn the fan on and let it work its magic! 
  4. Under 5 minutes seems to be the sweet spot, but it greatly depends on the flute. Check it and see how your flute is responding. 

Note on Quantity In Stock: We work hard to keep flutes in stock, however, sometimes there is a lot of demand for a certain flute. If the flute you want out of stock, please click here to add yourself to the waitlist. You'll be the first to be notified of these flutes coming back in stock! Thank you for your understanding!

The Flute Dryer was developed by Ron Stutz and Dana Anderson.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael MacGowan
Overall, a "must have" for NAF musicians!

I've wanted one of these ever since I saw Jonny advertising them some time ago. So, I finally bought one, and I am very glad that I did.

My only quibbles are that the power cord is very short; scarcely a foot long. Secondly, the slot on the C shaped wooden holder is not large enough to set my large contra bass flute in, but it does work to slide it in from the top, and then pull it back out vertically. Another point is that it doesn't really seem conducive for drying drone flutes, although you can work around this by drying one side at a time.

Otherwise, it's very quiet, easy to operate,
and does a good job of drying out the slow air chamber; I'm looking forward to many years of good use from it. Thanks Jonny and team for this great product!

Probably should be considered essential equipment

Its a real hassle to take the block off these flutes to let them dry out after only playing for 20 minutes at a time. Often I forget and risk growing mold inside the slow air chamber. This device is cheap insurance. Instead of removing the block to prevent a whistling sound playing while the air is blowing through the flute on the dryer, I simply tie a knot in the leather fetish tie at the very end of the tie, and insert this knit into the true sound hole. This prevents annoying noise and eliminates need to remove block

Great !

Hello Jonny,

The package arrived in France today. The flute dryer is great. It's really very practical. It's a great idea to sell this !


Vickie & Larry, Song-Within
We need 2, just ordered 2nd

We frequently use up to 18 different flutes for our duets. We have a large collection (50+) of High Spirits flutes. I run a swab down the slow chamber, and next it's on the machine. The 2nd dryer will alleviate the backup of flutes on the table.

Michele Jackson
Great little gadget

Well designed and it really works!

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