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Learn to play the Native American flute with clarity and confidence! [Save 25%]
Learn to play the Native American flute with clarity and confidence! [Save 25%]

12 Songs for the Native Flute: Vol. 1 Songbook

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Award-winning recording artist and educator, Jonny Lipford is recognized for his deeply melodic and innovative music for the modern Native American flute. Jonny is passionate about sharing the music of the Native American flute and in this songbook, you can learn how to play twelve of his iconic songs on your six-hole flute.


Songs featured in this book: 

  • With A Light Heart
  • Forgiven Memories
  • Got No Worry
  • In A Hammock
  • In The Misty Night
  • Little Boy
  • Part Of Me
  • Water Drops
  • A Little More Time
  • Chosen Path
  • From A Distance
  • Beyond The Sea


Meeting you where you are

This book is broken down into THREE sections, so no matter what level of flute player you are, you'll find these songs approachable. 

  • Nakai Tab with Finger Diagrams (staff and flute diagrams)
  • Nakai Tab with Finger Diagrams feat. Embellishments (same as above but with the acronyms for embellishments)
  • Nakai Tab only (staff only, no flute diagrams)


Some other key benefits: 

  • The book has been meticulously laid out to where each song starts on the left page, so you'll have fewer page turns resulting in less time wasted flipping pages!
  • Songs have been transcribed into three different forms so you can play where you're at and grow with the book to the next level!
  • This 176-page songbook is spiral-bound so that it lays completely flat when you place it on your music stand. No more fighting with clips of any kind!
  • You'll find this book full of beautiful inspirational quotes when a song ends on the left sheet. These quotes have been hand-picked to keep encouraging you and propelling you forward in your flute practice. 
  • An updated and abbreviated Key To Embellishment is also featured in this book which covers an in-depth explanation of the embellishments that are used in the songs of this book. 


Additional Resources: 

You will also find a variety of helpful resources to help you have a deeper understanding of these songs––these resources include: 

  • Video Tips for Playing
  • Play-along Videos (with and without backing tracks) 
  • Backing Tracks (for each song, in five different keys)
  • Song Cheat Sheets (for each song)
  • Achieving Embellishments e-Course

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