Jonny Lipford standing with his Native American flutes, posing for Native American flute lessons

One Hour Native Flute Lesson with Jonny Lipford

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Grow your technical abilities with your Native American flute with private lessons with Jonny Lipford! Learn today! 


Never heard of the Native American flute? Made from wood, these flutes are one of the easiest instruments to play! You don’t have to know to read music to play. It’s very straightforward and you can be playing music within the first 5 minutes! We will cover the very basics of playing and caring for your instrument.

Intermediate & Advanced Players:

We will cover the basics, sort of like an assessment test to make sure that you are where you need to be. We will demise which area(s) you need help in and we will provide the adequate, detailed attention you deserve!

Available in person (when & where available), otherwise, via skype.

Skype ID:  “jonny.lipford”