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Learn to play the Native American flute with clarity and confidence! [Save 25%]
Learn to play the Native American flute with clarity and confidence! [Save 25%]

Balance CD

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Balance is a follow-up album to Lipford's award-winning and chart-topping release, Migration (2019). The music on this album is more than just sound–it's a safe space, a healthy escape from your inner worries, stress and anxiety. 

The use of Native American flutes and various world flutes harmonize with and float above the lush soundscapes that include piano, handpan, indigenous percussion, guitars and ethereal pads. Close your eyes, breathe, listen with your heart and your ears. Let this music rejuvenate your spirit and usher in a calm and peaceful sense of balance. 


The journey of self-discovery and acceptance begins with inward reflection. 




Track listing:

  1. Sun Salutation (5:26)
  2. Believing Your Truth (7:20)
  3. Affirming Your Desire (10:00)
  4. Living Your Power (10:08)
  5. Awakening Your Heart (8:38)
  6. Nurturing Your Word (8:10)
  7. Clarifying Your Vision (10:35)
  8. Enlightening Your Spirit (8:02)
  9. Moon Salutation (5:26)




More than music

Experience a deep peace with beautiful guided meditations over the music of Balance. These meditations have been professionally written and recorded by Maria Lipford and will transport you to another dimension. There is also an e-book, Finding Balance, by Maria with guided meditation scripts, visualized meditation scripts, information regarding essential oils and positive affirmations. 

This is an extraordinary experience for ultimate relaxation and inward reflection.


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