Tribal Rhythms | Accompaniment for Flutes [Digital Download]
Tribal Rhythms | Accompaniment for Flutes [Digital Download]
$ 10.00$ 4.99

Play the Native American flute along with your choice of vibrant and eclectic rhythm accompaniment! These rhythms are inspired by many cultures ranging from Africa, America, Brazil, China, India and more. Though these backing tracks for Native American flutes were designed with the flute in mind, you can use them with any other instrument. This is also great for any scale or tuning in which you play in! 

Brazilian Dance 120 bpm
Rain Maker 90 bpm
Arabic Groove 100 bpm
Chinese Moon 110 bpm
Tigris River 80 bpm
Jacaranda Tree 74 bpm
Canyon Heart 60 bpm
Zuma Rock 90 bpm
Havana Villa 75 bpm
Drum Celebration! 82 bpm

This product will arrive in an email and be downloaded as a zipped folder. You will need to extract/decompress the folder before playing the tracks.
Tracks will be in MP3 format. 




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