Pads create the foundation – the glue – that hold everything together. They’ll bring ambiance, warmth and fullness that is hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you hear it. These are perfect for those that work in the meditation, yoga and sound healing industries. You can play your Native American flute over top of these, or lead a guided meditation – or both! Just pick the key that you are playing in and let the pad play underneath. Listen to the demos below to hear exactly how they sound.

Free Spirit Ambient Pads come with the Ambient Pads - Compatible Key Chart [PDF] that will help you find the perfect combination of pad and flute. It breaks down what key and scale go along with each pad. Keep in mind that this is just a starting point and further exploration is encouraged as you rummage through your flute collection! (Have fun!) 

Already have the Ambient Pads? Download the Ambient Pads - Compatible Key Chart [PDF] here, too!




In this pack, you'll receive a track in A minor from the Free Spirit Ambient Minor Pads, and a track in C major from the Free Spirit Ambient Major Pads



The Free Spirit Ambient Pads are available in all 12 major and minor keys and are not progression specific – no click track necessary. The previews above are 30 second samples. The actual files are 10 minutes long each.

Please contact me for licensing. 

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