The Collection (Eleven Years of Flute Music) [Digital Download]
The Collection (Eleven Years of Flute Music) [Digital Download]
$ 109.89$ 47.00

If you're looking for the ultimate bundle featuring over 9 hours of refreshing and relaxing Native American flute music, look no further! This package is filled with a variety of sounds from around the world and features several genres of music! 

Jonny Lipford is offering this limited-time, exclusive deal that contains 11 of his self-released, award-winning albums. 

You'll receive the following albums in this robust package. 

  • Transitions
  • Cross Roads
  • Turn The Page
  • A Breeze at 72 Degrees 
  • Rhythm of the Rain Horse
  • Spirit of the World
  • Winds of Change
  • Moonsongs
  • Fields of Harmony
  • Convergence
  • Woodland Peace





This file is a compressed folder and very large at 646MB. Please allow plenty of time for it to download into your browser. It's recommended that you download this on a computer and not a phone or tablet due to its size and the fact that it will need unzipping. 

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