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New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!
New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!

Recording: Step-by-Step: Virtual Workshop

$ 35.00

Banish the confusion and frustration around recording your flute music, vocals or any other instrument at home!

Sound recording isn't just for studios anymore! Do you have the itch to record your music at home but have no idea where to start? Join two professionals in the field and debunk the myths around needing thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get the job done! We'll have you recording your flutes, voice or any other instrument with ease! 


Here's what you'll learn:

Join Tommy Graven and Jonny Lipford for this online workshop that focuses on

breaking it all down in easy to understand, step-by-step process to get you recording and producing your own music from your own home. Learn what pieces of equipment are "must-haves" and all the other items you need to get started. Most importantly, learn clearly how to connect it all one simple step at a time. 

Sidenote: Tommy Graven records at home on a Mac with Reason and Jonny Lipford uses a Mac with GarageBand and Logic Pro. 

The workshop content is scheduled to last 90 minutes. There will be a 15-20 minute Q&A at the end of the program for those who wish to stick around. 
Following the workshop, you will also receive a recorded version hosted inside the Native Flute Academy.  


Seating is limited to 30 participants in each session!



Because we understand you might be a busy professional, we're offing this workshop twice to accommodate as many people and schedules as possible. Here are the times that this workshop will be offered via Zoom: 


  • Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 2 p.m. Central Daylight Time

  • Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 6 p.m. Central Daylight Time  


 Please choose your date/time above near where the price of the workshop is shown.



Other details: 

  • Each workshop will be held via Zoom. If you do not already have Zoom, you can download it here:
  • You will receive a PDF automatically after your checkout with all the info (including meeting link and password)
  • New to Zoom and not sure how to run it? Here’s a great and simple video tutorial to help get you started! 
  • Here's another helpful video that shows you how to adjust your audio settings ahead of time so that you get the most out of your experience:



About Tommy Graven: 

Tommy Graven holing his Native American Flute posing for the upcoming native american flute workshop with Jonny LipfordTommy Graven is an award-winning Recording Artist & Composer specializing with the Native American Flute and Acoustic Guitar. Tommy's first single, "Thunder Rolling Down The Mountain" brought him worldwide attention and brought opportunities to continue to make this music. Currently, Tommy has 
3 single releases, a solo traditional flute album and an album released with Tommy's full band "The Ceremony." Tommy just released "Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn." A subtle and beautiful album consisting of native flutes and acoustic guitar. Tommy is currently hosting his own weekday morning talk show on Twitch where he talks about all things music, performs live and also hosts live virtual guests and performances. 



While you wait for the workshop, feel free to visit Tommy at: and watch Jonny Lipford on YouTube: