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Join us in Iowa for the first Horizons SUMMIT!

Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Radiance [Epoxy] Native American-style flutes

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Original price $ 160.00 - Original price $ 260.00
Original price
$ 160.00
$ 160.00 - $ 260.00
Current price $ 160.00
Style: Sapphire Blue in C#


The Radiance Epoxy Native American-style flutes are contemporary and cutting-edge! These flutes are made from acrylic epoxy and have an amazing voice! Each flute is one-of-a-kind, just like our wooden Native American flutes as the pattern varies on each flute. See below for information regarding each flute.  


Note on Quantity In Stock: These flutes are being discontinued and will not be restocked once sold out.



  • Sapphire (dark blue) 
    • This flute is in the key of C# (minor pentatonic) and is 16-3/4" in length and has a 5/8" bore. 
  • Aqua (teal) 
    • This flute is in the key of Bb (minor pentatonic) and is 17-1/4" in length and has a 3/4" bore. 

  • Amethyst (purple)
    • This flute is in the key of G# (minor pentatonic) and is 20" in length and has a 3/4" bore. 

  • Ember (orange) 
    • This flute is in the key of F (minor pentatonic) and is 23-1/4" in length and has a 3/4" or 1" bore.  
  • Emerald (green) 
    • This flute is in the key of Eb (minor pentatonic) and is 25" in length and has a 7/8" bore.  
  • Aurora Drone (red & black)  new!
    • This drone flute is in the key of C (minor pentatonic) and is 19" in length and has a 1/2" bore.  
    • Celestial Drone (white & gold) 
      • This drone flute is in the key of A (minor pentatonic) and is 19-3/4" in length and has a 3/4" bore.  
    • Galaxy Drone (black & deep blue) 
      • This drone flute is in the key of F# (minor pentatonic) and is 22" in length and has a 3/4" bore.  


    Made by Willow Creek.

    *Not Native Made* 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Vonda Caldwell
    Epoxy flute.

    I love the flute. It has a beautiful sound. The color is so pretty. Very nice quality

    Kathy Pippig
    My Ember Orange in F

    I love the F tuning! The Ember Orange color is gorgeous and glows, as if lit by candlelight from within. For its size, the flute is fairly lightweight. The voice of the flute is enchanting and haunting. I'm waiting for more of these flutes to come in, as there is another key I'm wanting to purchase.

    Laurel Powers
    Eb epoxy radiance flute

    I must admit I was a bit skeptical about how this flute would feel and sound. I wanted an Eb so I could do call and response and duets with someone playing the black keys on the piano. First of all, my teenage boys thinks it looks really cool, especially when the sun shines through the gorgeous emerald green. The flute sound, though, is really sweet and clear. It's also very comfortable to play and seems to wet out more slowly than many of my wood flutes. I also appreciated the very reasonable price! Definitely a keeper!

    I like it

    I got the f# galaxy drone after like, a year of debating. My first native flute was a non-drone wooden flute in g i ordered from a seller on etsy. my crazy self played it for about 6 hours, almost continuously, as soon as it arrived in the mail. I dont think anyone's ever done such a stress test on his flutes before, but.... from all the moisture and heat for such a prolonged period, the wood ended up splitting

    so now that i was wanting a drone, i was very happy to hear that someone make plastic ones lol

    so there's definitely still an issue with moisture, which can't be helped, especially with block flute-types of flutes, but at least the flute isn't being destroyed in the process. It's just a little weird to like, jam out for a long time and suddenly feel wetness coming though the keyholes. Something i don't notice with my recorders or whistles, so i'm not sure why the native flute makes that happen?

    it's also heavier than i would have expected

    oh, and i do wish the flute could come apart and be reassembled, like a recorder, because it's pretty hard to travel with it as it. it WILL NOT fit in any like, medium-sized bags i own

    but i guess those are my only critiques. the fingerings, the pitch, and the voice are all consistent with the video demo. it does sound a bit different than a wood instrument, but it's still a nice sound. Just wish it was collapsible and wet fingers kinda suck

    i am considering getting the amethyst. And maybe the emerald too.

    Andra Denslow
    Update to the Update of My Review ( yes, really 😊)

    After using the Radiance Fm flute a LOT last week, I find it is really easy to dry the flute, After blowing water from the slow air chamber into a cloth and drying the block, the flute is ready to play. I can repeat this as many times as I want, so it has an advantage over my wood flutes, which get saturated after a while and need to dry for hours.
    It’s a 5 star flute after all, IMHO.

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