Play It Forward

Play It Forward

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What is play it forward? An idea. A concept to connect friends and music lovers together in an old-school way. You + Me + Friend(s) = enriched and connected lives. 


The two CDs are on me, you just cover shipping and I will ship the two CDs to your friend. They keep one CD and give the other away to one of their friends! Be a good friend and share this music with someone who you love!    


Journey across the globe as Jonny Lipford performs music from all walks of life and cultures.  Primarily focused on World Flutes, including the wooden Native American flute, South American panflute and various bamboo flutes from the far corners of the Earth, Lipford creatively blends these woodwinds with world percussion, kalimba, violin, harp, guitar, tablas and more to create rich soundscapes.

(Music CD 2013)
CD is packaged in recycled, high-gloss, full color, cardboard sleeve. 
Made in USA.
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