Native American Flute Music CD Bundles (3 CDs)

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Enjoy the sounds of Jonny Lipford in discounted bundles that include uplifting, adventurous and meditative Native American flute music. Often times, and especially at concerts, we offer a package deal and customers usually ask for a variety of sounds to enjoy while driving, relaxing and while doing administrative tasks at work. We think you'll find something favorable here! 


Option One: 

  • Waves of Serenity (Native American flutes, world flutes, piano)
  • Transitions (Native American flutes, keyboards & solos flute pieces)
  • Convergence (Native American flutes, synthesizers, upbeat ballads)


Option Two: 

  • Spirit of the World (world flutes, percussion, exotic strings)
  • A Breeze at 72 Degrees (uplifting melodies, Native American flute, synthesizer)
  • Winds of Change (solo world flutes)



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