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Learn To Play 12 New Songs With Jonny!
Learn To Play 12 New Songs With Jonny!

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Creating Harmonious Flow with the Native American Flute [e-course]

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Has the voice of the Native American flute called you? Have you felt the need to be of service to others in meditation and yoga sessions with the Native American flute, but aren't sure how or where to begin? I've helped hundreds of flute players achieve fulfilling goals in their own flute journey and I know I can help you, too! 

For years I've been sharing the Native American flute in yoga, meditation and healing environments. I've packed all my resources, strategies and wisdom into this course to share with you! 

This e-course is packed with over two hours of video content, a 50+ page printable guide, backing tracks, additional resources and tools that will not only inspire you but prepare you to step into a space where you can confidently share your flute medicine with others. 


The program for this course is a Cedar Concert Native American style flute in the key of G by Butch Hall. 


Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn in the Creating Harmonious Flow with the Native Flute e-course: 

The Fundamentals

  • In these lessons, we'll address the basics to get a new flute player up to speed on the Native American flute. This includes how to play the Native American flute, holding the flute, best posture, best practices, mouth position, length of notes, troubleshooting and dealing with squeaking and sensitivities. 

Adding Flare

  • In this chapter, I cover the power of embellishments and how to execute the most common ones, expressing emotion by leveraging volume and vibrato, and ideas around how to start and end phrases effectively.  

Watering Out & Flute Maintenance 

  • I share a few tactics around how to deal with watering out before, during and after you've played your flute. You've likely paid good money for your Native flute, so I also share some tips on how to increase the longevity of your flute. 

Scales & Heartsongs

  • In this chapter, I share with you a few new scales that we'll lean on a bit later to give us a new mood and flavor combined with strategies around phrasing, intentional rhythm and bringing some structure and uniformity to help combat inspiration fatigue. 

Elemental Play

  • This is the chapter where we start to put teachings into action. Everything we've done thus far has been one layer at a time–now we bring it all together with these Elemental Heartsongs. You'll get to see and hear me play these 10 minute meditative Native American flute songs and you'll also be able to download the backing tracks to these songs. (Remember, everything is in the key of G). 

Creating Harmony

  • In this chapter, we take a step into music theory...but only enough to help you gain clarity around how to pick out a backing track that actually fits and goes along with your key of flute. You'll get lots of resources in this chapter that help you connect all those dots including compatibility charts so that you can use the same or multiple flutes per session, how to use a tuner to determine if it's YOU or the flute that isn't sounding right and more!

Setting Up LIVE Gig Equipment

  • In this chapter, I walk you through all the equipment you need to have the pretty reverb, be heard and play your backing tracks (if necessary). Not only do I show you WHAT you need, but I also show you HOW to set it all up. I know those wires can get confusing! You'll get a shopping list and know exactly what you need and how it all goes together for your first gig!

Bonus Materials

  • There will be some bonuses towards the end of the program including some templates and inspirations for building out a setlist or plan for playing in a yoga or mediation session. Plus, I have a couple of other goodies for you at the end. 


Note: After purchasing this course, you will receive a separate email from Native Flute Academy with login information. Please keep an eye on your promotions, updates or spam/junk folders just in case!  

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