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Join us in Iowa for the first Horizons SUMMIT!

Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Journey [Easy Reach] Wooden Native American-style flutes

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Original price $ 160.00 - Original price $ 275.00
Original price
$ 160.00
$ 160.00 - $ 275.00
Current price $ 160.00
Style: Mesquite Journey in A [Easy Reach]

The Journey [easy reach] Native American-style flutes are made by Peter Churcher of Willow Creek––the same maker of the Radiance and Mystique Flutes.

These beautiful flutes are made from various woods for each key.  They have a beautiful and resonating voice that you'd expect from a Native flute!

The smaller Journey flutes (in the Keys of E, G, F# and A) are shorter than the average flute making them easy to carry and easier to handle.  **Note: The F# flute has larger playing holes and may be harder to cover if you have thinner fingers.  

To dress things up a bit, the mouthpiece on each of the C and D flutes are from a different wood for contrast. The Walnut C flute has a Cherry mouthpiece, while the Cherry D flute has a Walnut mouthpiece. 


Q: This flute looks different than other Native American-style flutes. Why?

A: The Journey Flutes are a great option for backpacking as they have no tied-on block or slow air chamber like what we commonly see with the Native American flute. This shortens the overall length of the flute and maximizes your reach, especially if you struggle to hit that bottom note on lower-tone flutes such as these.



Note on Quantity In Stock: We work hard to keep flutes in stock, however, sometimes there is a lot of demand for a certain flute. If the flute you want is out of stock, please click here to add yourself to the waitlist. You'll be the first to be notified of these flutes coming back in stock! Thank you for your understanding!


  • Journey A Flute in Mesquite
    • This flute is in the key of A (minor pentatonic) and is 15-1/4" in length and has a 7/8" bore. Price: $160
  • Journey G Flute in Katalox
    • This flute is in the key of G (minor pentatonic) and is 17-9/16" in length and has a 7/8" bore. Price: $170
  • Journey F# Flute in Sapele
    • This flute is in the key of F# (minor pentatonic) and is 18" in length and has a 7/8" bore. Price: $180
  • Journey E Flute in Black Limba
    • This flute is in the key of E (minor pentatonic) and is 20-3/8" in length and has a 7/8" bore. Price: $190
  • Journey D Flute in Cherry 
    • This flute is in the key of D4 (minor pentatonic) and is 22" in length and has a 1-1/8" bore. Price: $250
  • Journey C Flute in Walnut
    • This flute is in the key of C4 (minor pentatonic) and is 25" in length and has a 1-1/8" bore. Price: $275

These flutes do not come with a flute bag. If you're interested in purchasing a flute bag, please view our flute bags here.

Made by Willow Creek.

*Not Native Made* 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great concept...mostly great sound

I would say that the ergonomics of the low D model I have are excellent...however the bottom hole is a bit more of a stretch than the other low D I have from high spirits but the tradeoff is better sound from the easy reach. I do get some hand pain due to the 3-1/16 spacing of the bottom register holes. the sound from the top 3 holes is the cleanest of any flute I've had with this whistle/recorder style construction. Aside from the overly wide stretch...the only flaw is that the very bottom note..the root tone is very weak for some reason, so not good for large rooms, but fine for small quiet places.

Vanessa Hunter
Love This Flute

Thought I'd be stuck playing an A flute forever, but the Easy Reach G is fantastic. Sounds great!

Robert Tinnin
Easy Reach flutes

These flutes play well and look good.

Deep tone

I really love the tone of this flute and have played it every morning since I got it in my meditation time. I love to sit on the back patio and play for the critters in my backyard.

Really great tone

This flute is so easy to play. I have a similar flute from High Spirits but the mouthpiece is really big and it takes more air than I prefer. This journey flute is so much easier to play and I find myself picking it up a lot. I took it out in the woods yesterday to play for the animals.

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