JL Songbook: TWO

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The JL TWO songbook for the Native-style flute! There are 14 original songs transcribed with easy to read finger diagrams. A brand new trait to the JL Songbook TWO is the acronyms for embellishments. You may notice a letter above or next to a note, this represents which corresponding technique you should use at that time.  There is an index that briefly describes how to perform each technique. 

Includes the popular "Key to Embellishments" segment, explaining how embellishments are performed. 


Song List includes: 

Blue Rocks
The Warrior
Thinkin' of You
Rhythm of the Rain Horse
Burning Skies
Dare to Dream
Dancing Stardust
Two Feathers
Orange Dragonflies
Rising Up
Up in a Tree
Promised Moments
Reaching Out



Product is spiral bound for easy display, high gloss cover, printed on 80# thick paper for durability and includes an embellishment index.


Note: This songbook is not formatted in Nakai Tab, rather true musical notation. 


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