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New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!
New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!

Balance | Guided Meditations [Digital Download]

$ 25.00

More than music

Experience a deep peace with these beautiful guided meditations over the seven main movements of music from Balance. These meditations have been professionally written and recorded by Maria Lipford and will transport you to another dimension.

This is an extraordinary experience for ultimate relaxation and inward reflection.

Track listing:

  1. Believing Your Truth [Root Energy] (7:20) 
  2. Affirming Your Desire [Sacral Energy] (10:00) 
  3. Living Your Power [Solar Plexus Energy] (10:08) 
  4. Awakening Your Heart [Heart Energy] (8:38)
  5. Nurturing Your Word [Throat Energy](8:10)
  6. Clarifying Your Vision [Third Eye Energy] (10:35)
  7. Enlightening Your Sprit [Crown Energy] (8:02)


*This product will arrive in an email and be downloaded as a zipped folder and is a large file. Please be patient with the download. You will need to extract/decompress the folder before playing the tracks before adding them to iTunes or your choice of media player. Tracks will be in MP3 format.

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