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You'll get instant access to 7 flute courses right away! Hours of video content and written guides filled with everything you need to improve your skill. The best part... you'll get every new course we release in the future at no-cost!

4 Professionally Guided Workshops ($120 value)

Recorded workshops with professional flutists that you can go through at your own pace. These professionals teach you how to record and make your own music from home, unlock your creativity while playing, use embellishments to patch up your sound, and transform your songs into something more than just notes!

10+ Lesson Modules ($500 value)

These lessons are unique to only this group and aren't available anywhere else. I'll also be putting two new modules inside the group every month! You'll get the recordings so you can watch them back as many times as you want.

Live Q&A Every Month ($225 value)

Twice a month you'll get the opportunity to jump on a LIVE Q&A with myself and other members of the community. I'll give you all the answers you need while you get to learn from other people's questions. You'll have access to the recordings to watch back anything you miss.


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✅  2 new lesson modules every month

✅  2 live Q&A/Discussions every month

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✅  A thriving community of 120+ members

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