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7-Day Jumpstart

A Carefully Curated “Crash Course” On Everything You Need To Bust Through Flute Plateaus And (More Importantly) Improve Your Confidence & Overall Sound

What's Inside The "7-Day" Jumpstart?

Feeling uninspired to play the flute?

Maybe you're just feeling a little stuck when it comes to your playing level?

Trust me I get it...

This is a common occurrence among flute players of all playing levels.

I see this with folks who are just starting to grasp all of the possibilities of the flute and start to get overwhelmed with playing.

They feel lost and are searching for a way to gain a little more structure.

I've even seen some more experienced players get into ruts that seem endless and need special guidance to get out.

It happens!

That's exactly why I sat down to record over an hour of 1-on-1 lessons to share with the people that fall into these hard times.

I figured out exactly what it takes to give people the shock they need to start playing again and even better than before.

When you signup you'll receive a special training every day over the course of the next 7 days. Here's exactly what you'll learn:

Want to revive your abilities and play better than ever before?

I’ve handcrafted 7 trainings to completely kickstart your flute playing abilities and inspire you to keep playing at the highest level. However... the Jumpstart is only available for this week! Click the button below to gain access and energize your skills.

Here's What Previous Students Had to Say...

Your Instructor

Jonny Lipford is an award-winning musician who creates and composes music that highlights the Native American flute while pushing its boundaries. Jonny has a passion and gift for leading others and is one of the highest sought-after instructors in the industry. He's helped thousands of students achieve more in their flute journey by connecting with and instructing students in a meaningful and charismatic way.

Jonny Lipford

Founder & Instructor

Commonly Asked Questions

How will I receive my jumpstart?

You will be sent one lesson each day over the next 7 days. Each lesson is a guided session done personally by me and is approximately 10 minutes long. 

What will I be learning inside the jumpstart?

Here's what you'll be learning each day:

Day One: Adding structure to your playing

Day Two: Flute reflection and the role it plays

Day Three: Maximize your time and abilities by leveraging three key mindsets

Day Four: Learning to tune your flute to perform at the highest level

Day Five: Create a more polished sound by learning new phrasing

Day Six: Learn better note choices that unleash some creative energy

Day Seven: The no-hassle way to setup your equipment

Day Eight (BONUS): Become more expressive in your playing style with vibrato skills

Will this help me if I'm a beginner or more advanced?

Yes! This jumpstart was specifically designed to help players of all skill levels. Whether you're just starting out or have played the flute for years you'll take some knowledge from this jumpstart that will improve your playing!

Will I have access after the 7 days?

Yes! Once you're in you'll have access to all of the recordings forever. It's over a 7-day period to help you practice but you'll gain access to everything.

Are these live trainings?

Nope. Each day you'll receive a video that I've already recorded teaching you everything you need to know about the specific topics.

Is this course available for Horizon's+ members?

Because this course is new I'm only releasing it for this weekend to anybody that purchases. Horizon's+ members will not get free access.

Are there any bonuses?

It's your lucky day! If you sign up before the deadline you'll get two bonuses absolutely FREE! You can learn more about them below...

Get Two FREE Bonuses When You Sign Up Before The Deadline...

  • Songwriting Shortcuts ($15 value) - Writing music can be a very rewarding and creative process, but sometimes it can be overwhelming – especially if you're new to this, or you've been told that you're not good at songwriting! You get this eBook free with the Jumpstart!
  • Three Exceptional Pieces of Sheet Music ($12 value) - I've come up with over 30 different pieces of sheet music for various songs. When you get the Jumpstart before the deadline you'll get Hallelujah (unreleased!), Part Of Me (original) and Colors Of The Wind completely free!

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