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New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!
New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!

Native Sunrise Flutes [Mid-Low Range]

$ 315.00

The Native Sunrise Native American-style flutes are dynamic and feature a bold, yet warm voice. These flutes are available in three different keys and made from two different wood types. 

Wet-out protection

wetout protection on a native american flute stop watering out

All of Ron's flutes come standard with an anti-wetting material under the block and in the flute which means you'll be able to play your flute for a long time without worrying about wetting it out! A flute-playing lifesaver for some! 


Three keys to choose from

So many folks love the sound produced with the lower mid-range flutes and we wanted to be able to provide a quality flute in that key range. We offer the following keys in this line of flute:


  • Mid E in Smoked Walnut with crushed stone inlay bands
    • This flute is in the key of E4 (minor pentatonic) and is roughly 25" in length. Price: $315
  • Mid D in Spanish Cedar with painted bands
    • This flute is in the key of D4 (minor pentatonic) and is roughly 27" in length. Price: $330
  • Mid C in Spanish Cedar with painted bands
    • This flute is in the key of C4 (minor pentatonic) and is roughly 28" in length. Price: $340

Each flute comes with a solid colored flute bag! 


Ergonomic hole placement

Ergonomic hole placement off set holes on a native american flute

The mid D and C flutes (in Spanish Cedar) have offset finger holes making the flute more comfortable to play, especially for those who struggle to reach the bottom hole of the flute. Please note: these holes are aligned for someone who plays with their right hand on the bottom!


If you don't see a key, wood option or need a flute with the holes ergonomically set up for a left-handed player,  give Ron a call or email and let him know what you're looking for. Let him know that I sent you, too!


Note on Quantity In Stock: We work hard to keep flutes in stock, however, sometimes there is a lot of demand for a certain flute. If the flute you want out of stock, please click here to add yourself to the waitlist. You'll be the first to be notified of these flutes coming back in stock! Thank you for your understanding!


    Made by Ron Stutz of Native Sunrise Flutes. 

    *Not Native Made*