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Win flutes, gift cards and save big during Jonny's Jolly Days of Christmas!
Win flutes, gift cards and save big during Jonny's Jolly Days of Christmas!

Flutes are handmade and may vary in wood color/grain, size, leather colors, inlays, etc.

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Mystique [Epoxy] Native American-style flutes

Original price $ 75.00 - Original price $ 150.00
Original price
$ 75.00
$ 75.00 - $ 150.00
Current price $ 75.00
Style: Pocket F# in Sun Orange

The Mystique Epoxy Native American-style flutes are made by Peter Churcher of Willow Creek––the same make of the Radiance Flutes. These contemporary and cutting-edge flutes are made from acrylic epoxy and have an amazing voice! Each flute is one-of-a-kind, just like our wooden Native American flutes as the pattern varies on each flute. See below for information regarding each flute.  


Q: What's the difference between the Radiance Flutes and these Mystique flutes? 

A: The Mystique Flutes are a great option for backpacking as they have no tied-on block or slow air chamber like what we commonly see with the Native American flute. This shortens the overall length of the flute and allows you to just pull it out of your bag and play without having to worry about adjusting the block. 



Note on Quantity In Stock: We work hard to keep flutes in stock, however, sometimes there is a lot of demand for a certain flute. If the flute you want is out of stock, please click here to add yourself to the waitlist. You'll be the first to be notified of these flutes coming back in stock! Thank you for your understanding!


  • Pocket F# in Sun Orange 
    • This flute is in the key of F# (minor pentatonic) and is 9-3/4" in length and has a 1/2" bore. Price: $75
  • Pocket E in Moon Yellow
    • This flute is in the key of E (minor pentatonic) and is 11" in length and has a 1/2" bore. Price: $80

  • Traveler G in Sky Blue
    • This flute is in the key of G (minor pentatonic) and is 17" in length and has a 3/4" bore. Price: $140

  • Traveler F# in Red Earth
    • This flute is in the key of F (minor pentatonic) and is 18" in length and has a 3/4" bore.  Price: $150


    Made by Willow Creek.

    *Not Native Made* 


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