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New Course: Exploring Multi-Chambered Flutes | Save 35%!

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Bamboo Transverse Flutes [Erik the Flutemaker]

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Type of Flute: Basketmaker

The bamboo flute is one of the oldest and simplest musical instruments in the world.  Most cultures of the world have some type of transverse flute (which simply means a flute blown across, a side-blown flute.) Because bamboo grows in most tropical and temperate climates of the world, many cultures use bamboo flutes as their primary wind instrument. Their ease and playability make them a natural choice for many looking to enter the musical arena.

These instruments are well-tuned to A440 standard pitch. Each has its own scale, with a minimum 1-octave range.


View the playlist on YouTube for individual sounds of these flutes.

The Basketmaker

This is a deep, mellow and mysterious side-blown flute that ranges between 27 to 35 inches long and is recommended for a large hand span. Key of Bb and sometimes A depending on the length of the bamboo.

A great tip for making the flute sound great: Start all closed go up and down the scale, keep the lower hand "peace sign fingers" together as if they were scotch-taped together. For a different scale and sound, keep the index fingers planted as you go up and down the flute.


The Brazilian Major 

This is a 16 inch concert-tuned G major flute, which also plays in A minor, E minor and C. This bamboo flute is a great tool for a musician and has a very pleasant medium voice that sounds great with guitars and keyboards. It is also a good fit for a medium to large-size hand. 


The Chinese

This 12.5 inch side-blown flute was born in Erik's shop after being asked by a theater professor to create a Chinese-sounding flute for a theatrical presentation. The created flute was so wonderful, that he started sharing it with his customers. We really like the brightness and expansiveness of this little flute! Key of C.


The Egyptian

This 20-22 inch flute is great for meditating, improvising and for dramatic effect in storytelling. The bamboo used to make this flute is quite rare because of the long, slender, node-less sections it requires.

The inspiration for this flute stems from the Egyptian Ney, which is a rim-blown flute that is very difficult to play. Guided by the Ney, Erik developed a sweet, ancient and poetic flute. Key of D.

The Oriental 

The 21.5 inch transverse Oriental flute is inspired by the end-blown Japanese Shakuhachi - a deep, rich, enchanting, meditative flute with a pentatonic scale. Key of D.


The Vivaldi Minor

A bamboo flute with gorgeous, rich tones. This flute seems to be great for creative folks who want to improvise and reminds me of the Renaissance times. 

This 15.5 inch harmonic minor flute carries a classical anointing that draws you into a dreamy place where composition and entertainment flow effortlessly. Key of G#.



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