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Join us in Iowa for the first Horizons SUMMIT!
Join us in Iowa for the first Horizons SUMMIT!

Everything You Need To Grow As A Flute Player

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Horizons Plus Membership

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Native American Style Flutes

Jonny Lipford also offers a variety of Native American-style flutes for students, novice and advanced flute players.


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What Students Are Saying

I feel like I got more than my money's worth from day one with the Horizons Plus Membership just from the courses offered! It gets better and better as new classes are added every two weeks. Aside from my favorite flutes, this was the best flute money I ever spent!

Michele in California

JL is the best teacher I have found, his classes & workshops are well planned, clear, and always interesting and informative.  I have learned a lot from Jonny and plan to keep on with it.  He really addresses not only the technical side of playing, but the cognitive and emotive sides as well and how to successfully mix them all together.

Judith in Tennessee

Jonny has a personal touch to his teaching style that makes students not only want to learn, but to excel. His music shows who he is as a person and musician, but you really meet the man when you take one of his classes. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you take the time with him.

Kyle in Florida

Jonny loves music and it definitely shows! I'm doing the 10-session personal coaching and at the halfway point I am already creating more than I dreamed! Jonny goes the extra mile to find the resources you need! He is so dedicated, I highly recommend him!

Diane in Iowa