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New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!
New Songbook and Embellishments Course Now Available!

Perfecting Those High & Odd Notes Course

$ 59.00

Many of us avoid playing into the second register or even playing the bottom half hole note of our flutes because it's hard and uncomfortable. Perhaps you have played these notes before but struggled to accurately achieve them time and time again. 

In this course, you'll become more aware of the tuning of your modern Native-style flute(s), how to confidently hit those high and odd notes with ease and learn important factors when working with a tuner, temperature and breath pressure.

Get ready to push yourself! By the end of this mini-course, you'll have every note on your flute perfected and you'll be playing them with confidence! 


Here's a list of the topics we'll be going over:

  1. The Half Hole
  2. Relative Major Scale
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Tuner Apps
  5. Tuners & Metronomes
  6. Temperature vs. Tuning
  7. Temperature Adjustments
  8. Pressure vs. Tuning
  9. Anatomy
  10. Block Position vs. Tuning
  11. Target Practice
  12. Chromatic Scale
  13. Chromatic Scale Worksheet
  14. What's with the number? 
  15. Conclusion


This course is complete with a printable e-book that dives deep into tuners, temperature and breath pressure and how these things affect our playing.