Free Spirit Ambient Pads Update!

Posted by Jonny Lipford on

We are happy to report there are now hundreds of flutists playing along with the Free Spirit Ambient Pads since they launched earlier this year! 

 Wow! We are astounded and grateful!  

Just as these pads fill the space in your music, YOU are filling a space in the flute community with your beautiful music!  
After much feedback, emails and questions from users of the Pads, there still seemed to be a level of confusion surrounding these Pads–not of HOW to play along with them, but WHAT to play along with them.
So, I put together the Ambient Pads - Compatible Key Chart [PDF] that will help you find the perfect combination of pad and flute. It breaks down what key and scale go along with each pad. Keep in mind that this is just a starting point and further exploration is encouraged as you rummage through your flute collection! (Have fun!)
Anyone who purchases the Ambient Pads from here on out will receive a copy of this guide as well. I apologize for not having something like this ready when the product released. I believe it is a result of the curiosity of flute players!
If you haven't purchased the full versions of the Ambient Pads, you can find them here: 
Thanks so much for all your interest, feedback and support!  If you have any questions, please let me know. In the meantime, enjoy applying this guide to your flute journey.
Wishing for you to play the best music from your heart–always, 
Jonny Lipford

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