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Learn To Play 12 New Songs With Jonny!
Learn To Play 12 New Songs With Jonny!
Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blue Eyes

People ask me ... Why this song?  Well, for many of you, you know this song as one from a band in the early 70's known as "The Who."  For me, not so much. I rarely heard this song. In fact, it wasn't until the Angry Birds movie came out that I really heard Limp Bizkit's version of this song - which is the basis for this song. 

In my version, the video demonstrates the power of artists and how in moments of incredible sadness or deep feeling, there is an opportunity to express. What does an artist see? Feel? What's behind those blue eyes? In an effort to capture the connection between emotional impact and expression, the music marries those elements and creates a foundation for this display to happen. 

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